Get to Know Magnum | Magnum Corp

Q) When was Magnum Corporation established?

A) 2020.

Q) Who owns Magnum Corporation?

A) We are a privately owned and operated business.

Q) Where is Magnum Corporation headquartered?

A) Bangkok, Thailand.

Q) Who is on Magnum Corporation’s Board of Directors?

A) Our Board of Directors is composed of five family members: Mr. Channarong Sachdev, Mr. Vikromjit Sachdev, Mrs. Rajpal Kaur Sachdev, Mrs. Supranee Sachdev, and Mr. Adithep Sachdev.

Q) How many companies are there within Magnum Corporation?

A) Our business is structured into two umbrella companies: Magnum Estate Holding and Magnum All.

Q) What areas does Magnum Corporation invest in?

A) We are focused across a wide array of sectors, such as real estate, construction, private equity, trading, hospitality, retail, and start-ups.

Q) Where does Magnum Corporation operate?

A) Currently in Thailand’s major cities — Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Rayong, and Chiang Mai — with an eye to international expansion on the horizon.

Q) In what area does Magnum Estate Holding specialize?

A) Magnum Estate Holding focuses on the real estate sector — hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, warehouses, spas, rental units, offices, and mixed-use projects.

Q) What sector does Magnum All operate in?

A) Magnum All is dedicated to all other business areas, such as law enforcement equipment, logistics, and hospitality (Food & Beverage). This company includes the following holdings:
    ● High Solution Co., Ltd.
    ● Coffaholic Co., Ltd.
    ● Tri-oxy Global Co., Ltd.


Magnum Corporation Co., Ltd.
27,29 3rd Floor, Burapha Road, Wangburaphaphirom, Phranakhon
Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Tel. +662 011 1119
Fax. +662 011 1177